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There are several various types of printers in the market. Depending on the type of printer like high end digital printers or maybe generic printers, all the printers have one thing in common. They all need to be refilled using in cartridges or toner cartridges. An ink cartridge or an ink refill is a replaceable component that contains the ink and also the print head itself which gets deposited on the paper while printing. Being a very lucrative business prospect all the major ink manufacturing companies puts in tons of research and money while developing ink. Naturally most ink cartridges contains atleast one or more patented ink reservoirs or might even add on special electronic contacts for communicating with specific printers.

As so much technology and man hours and numerous resources goes into the manufacturing of these ink cartridges so these ink cartridges are more expensive than one might think them to be when compared with the actual price of the printer. Ink refill using special ink cartridges might even cost a fraction of the original cost of the printer. So with the current state of economy mostly what happens is people opt for using compatible ink cartridges from a nearby vendor rather than buy the original ink from the manufacturer. The consumers often look for special discounts or rates. These has also brought about a boom in the business for counterfeiters as they often supply low quality counterfeit ink falsely claiming that they have been produced by the original company itself. Even if the customer doesn’t even buy false ink they are forced to refill their own ink cartridges using various kits which contains bulk ink which may even harm the printer. Many of the leading brands of the market keep very marginal profits while selling their printers and plan to make up with their profits from the market of ink refill. But this is hardly the case as the very high pricing of the ink refill cartridges or toner cartridges often tempt consumers to use aftermarket inks. Another good side too all this from the consumer point of view is that a steady flow of different cartridges are always available in the market at competitive rates.

Studies have shown that it is estimated about 85% of of printer cartridges are thrown away after one use or after they tend to show low ink on the printer moniter. These pile of 350 million empty cartridges end up in various landfills sites making it very environment unfriendly. When companies look at their business point of view they should also not forget their environmental duties towards the societies. Even the government or some governing body should regulate pricings of the various in refill cartridges in the market. This not only helps the consumers from paying exhorbitant prices for these ink refill cartridges but also helps these companies to reach out to the masses at a competitively lower rates. This way even the unscrouplous businessmen selling counterfeit products can be checked and even the consumers cost of ink refill can be drastically brought down.


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